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, aboriginal peoples originally from Labrador, Canada. Because they both spoke almost identical Algonquian languages and had similar customs, the two groups are often linked.
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an Algonquian-speaking Indian tribe in the northern and northeastern parts of the Labrador Peninsula (Canada). The aboriginal occupations of the Naskapi were fishing and hunting and, from the 17th century, fur trading. Colonial exploitation of the Naskapi as suppliers of skins made them the most backward and poverty-stricken Indian group in the Canadian North. The present-day Naskapi (in 1967 they numbered 284) live on the Fort Chimo Reservation. The Naskapi are Catholics, although they have preserved many old totemistic beliefs and rituals.


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The Naskapi Indians of Labrador, Canada, traditionally lived on the coast during the summer months where they subsisted on cod.
received a copy of the Naskapi New Testament at a public dedication ceremony held Sept.
Invitations have also been extended to officials of the following First Nations: Abenaki, Algonquin, Atikamekw, Huron, Inuit, Malecite, Micmac, Mohawk, Montagnais, Naskapi, Ojibway and the Cree of Northern Ontario.
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Another mutation in the albumin gene, which causes the albumin variant Naskapi (Lys 372 [right arrow] G1u) (9), has been found in high frequency in the Algonquian-speaking people of the eastern United States and Canada (9).
The Naskapi have overcome the idiosyncratic nature of the Cree syllabary to bring greater control of their own publishing and literacy (Jancewicz and MacKenzie).
These assemblages are from northern Labrador where I met elderly people from the three different groups who live there: the native Inuit and Naskapi Innu, and the Euro-Canadians (called "Settlers" in Labrador).
Notes provide information on individual native languages such as Cree, Dogrib, Inuktitut, Naskapi and Micmac.
This study focuses on the sequence stratigraphy of the Upper Missisauga Formation, and extends from the level of the underlying "O-Marker" within the Verrill Canyon Formation to the top of the overlying Naskapi Member of the Logan Canyon Formation.
Another example of the hidden economic function of culture is the magical practice of the Naskapi Indians of Labrador, who, when the caribou were scarce and the tribe hungry, resorted to scapulimacy, a divination in which the shoulder blade bone of a caribou was heated by fire until it cracked.
De plus, il ne prend en compte que les populations des peuples Inuit, Cri, Naskapi et Innu, tel que l'indique le site internet gouvememental du Secretariat au developpement nordique (Gouvernement du Quebec, << Le portrait du Nord quebecois >> (2013), en ligne : Developpement nordique <www.