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, aboriginal peoples originally from Labrador, Canada. Because they both spoke almost identical Algonquian languages and had similar customs, the two groups are often linked.
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an Algonquian-speaking Indian tribe in the northern and northeastern parts of the Labrador Peninsula (Canada). The aboriginal occupations of the Naskapi were fishing and hunting and, from the 17th century, fur trading. Colonial exploitation of the Naskapi as suppliers of skins made them the most backward and poverty-stricken Indian group in the Canadian North. The present-day Naskapi (in 1967 they numbered 284) live on the Fort Chimo Reservation. The Naskapi are Catholics, although they have preserved many old totemistic beliefs and rituals.


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C'est le cas particulierement des travaux de Speck (1933), de Mailhot et Vincent (1980, 1982) et de Lacasse (2004) chez les Innus, de Lips (1947) chez les Naskapis, de Poirier et Niquay (1999) chez les Atikamekw Nehirowisiwok et de Leroux et al.
The Naskapi Indians of Labrador, Canada, traditionally lived on the coast during the summer months where they subsisted on cod.
received a copy of the Naskapi New Testament at a public dedication ceremony held Sept.
Thus, although the James Bay Cree settled the first contemporary land claim in 1975, it directly affected the lives of only the Cree and Naskapi in northern Quebec.
In his book Hunters in the Barrens: The Naskapi on the Edge of the White Man's World, published in 1975, the author contrasts the traditional Innu hunting pattern with the way they lived after being moved to coastal settlements.
01 level (2-tailed) TABLE 18 Aboriginal Municipalities of Southern Canada Census subdivision type Total Indian government district 2 Nisga's land 1 Nisga's village 5 Indian reserve 1041 Indian settlement 23 Terre Inuite 10 Terres Reserves 9 Village Cri 8 Village nordique 14 Village Naskapi 1 Northern village 13 Northern hamlet 9 Total 1136 Total reporting population for 1996 and 2001 710 Note: 1.
Over the years, Inuit and Naskapi hunters have reported a wide range of equipment on the sites, including cans of food, modular laboratories, heavy machinery and equipment for the storage and transportation of oil products.
For example, the Christian Cross, the Beothuk and Naskapi omamentation, the outline of the maple leaf in the centre of the flag, a triumphant figure and our place in the space age.
Anthropologist Georg Henriksen writes that the Naskapi (who now refer to themselves as the Mushuau Innu) were not much affected by the white economy on the Labrador coast because they were not really integrated into the eighteenth and nineteenth century fur trade (Hunters 11).
Working with the aboriginal communities, they selected a site along a path in the Botanical Gardens that marks the boundary between two forests--one a conifer forest that was the ancestral home of groups including the Naskapi, Cree, Innu and Algonquin and a second, made up of deciduous trees, where the Micmac, Malecite, Abenaki and others had traditionally lived.
La Commission des institutions a tenu une seance de travail au cours de laquelle elle a echange avec les representants de la Nation Naskapi, qu'elle n'avait pu rencontrer lors de sa mission effectuee dans le Nord du Quebec en fevrier dernier, afin de faire le point sur la politique de developpement de cette region et les ententes signees avec les nations crie et inuite.