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Nasmyth, James


Born Aug. 19, 1808, in Edinburgh; died May 7, 1890, in London. English machine builder.

Nasmyth received a classical school education; from 1829 to 1831 he studied under H. Maudslay. He established his own machine-building enterprise in Manchester (beginning in 1834). In 1839 he designed a steam hammer, for which he received a patent in 1842. He built shaping and milling machines for work on the side planes of nuts. In 1843 he traveled to St. Petersburg; he later supplied steam hammers and machine tools to Russia. He published a treatise in which he drew conclusions from his experience in designing metalworking machines (1841).

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Mr Smith used the occasion to make a pledge to invest further in apprenticeships at Nasmyth Group, building on the company's existing Nasmyth Academy which was formally launched in January.
You can also see 'lunar' photographs made by Scottish astronomer James Nasmyth in the 1870s when, undaunted by the fact that photography was not yet advanced enough to do the job, he made plaster models of the moon as he envisaged it and took photos of them.
Of 31 finalists from across the Midlands, the nine winners from the West Midlands were Peter Smith of Nasmyth Group in Coventry, Grant Adams of Sertec Group in Birmingham, Adrian Everett of E-Lites in Bromsgrove, Ashley Brough and Miles Brough of JBMI in Staffordshire, Darrell Mansfield of The Mansfield Group in Stoke, Richard Taffinder of Hills Numberplates in Birmingham, Chris Li of BathEmpire.
11) However, it was the team of James Hall Nasmyth (1808-'90) and James Carpenter (1840'99) who, in their monograph The Moon: Considered as a Planet, a World, and a Satellite (1874), first paid proper attention to what they called the 'causative phenomena' giving rise to the features observed on the lunar surface.
Although we all know what Robert Burns looked like from the painting by Alexander Nasmyth, right, Caroline and her team at the University of Dundee have created a life-size model of Burns' head, reconstructed using state-of-theart forensic technology.
Early japanned tinware's forms were limited by handwork, but after 1842, when James Nasmyth adapted the steam hammer, presses operated with a precision previously unknown to tinplate workers.
Evidence of the release of histamine by alkaloids of opium was provided by Nasmyth and Stewart (43), who showed that wheals caused by morphine in human skin were reduced by antihistamines and Feldberg and Paton (44,45) who detected several micrograms of histamine in the effluent after injection of opium alkaloids into the artery of isolated perfused cat gastrocnemius muscle.
He began the discourse by praising English astronomy and citing every prominent British astronomer of the period, including Herschel, Carrington, Dawes, Nasmyth, Stone, Huggins, de la Rue, Stewart, Thomson, and Waterston.
James Nasmyth, the 19th century engineer who invented the steam hammer, wrote: "The eyes and fingers are the two principal trustworthy inlets to trustworthy knowledge in all the materials and operations which the engineer has to deal with .
Infotech HAL, Hindustan Aeronautics, Infotech Enterprises Infotech HAL, a Bangalore joint venture between Hindustan Aeronautics and Infotech Enterprises, has allied with UK-based Nasmyth to develop fully integrated design and reverse engineering facilities for production, subsystems and assemblies.