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NetWare Asynchronous Services Interface

Novell NetWare.



an ethnic group living in the provinces of Yünnan and Szechwan (People’s Republic of China). They number 143,000 (1953 census). The language of the Nasi belongs to the Tibeto-Burmese group. Their religions are lamaism and shamanism, with vestiges of more ancient beliefs (particularly the cult of trees). The main occupation is the cultivation of rice and corn. The Nasi have retained a distinctive material culture in their timber-frame dwellings and their clothing.


Narody Vostochnoi Azii. Moscow-Leningrad, 1965.


(1) (NetWare Asynchronous Service Interface) A protocol from Novell for connecting to modems in a communications server. It was derived from the NCSI protocol. NASI provides more advanced features than the common int 14 (interrupt 14) method. It allows a specific modem or line to be chosen. It frees the call more quickly, and it transfers data more efficiently.

(2) (National Association of Systems Integrators, Falmouth, MA, An organization founded in 1991 that maintains and sells computer industry mailing lists. For example, in 2004, for the advertised price of USD $7,995, NASI offered a contact list of 40,000 system integrators and VARs.
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En el presente, la poblacion etnica naso teribe es de 4 046 personas (Censo Nacional de Panama 2010) (3) y la naso terraba es de 2 665 personas (Censo Nacional de Costa Rica 2011).
It was nearly the 200th performance that Naso had heard in 10 days.
A continuacion se describe la tecnica empleada en 19 casos de intubacion naso traqueal guiada por vision directa con fibroscopio retromolar de Bonfils en pacientes adultos, realizada por personal entrenado en el manejo del mismo.
La forma delia poesia e epistolare, ma il discorso riguarda l'io di Ovidio che lentamente si estenua fino a dettare lepigramma funebre del poeta elegiaco Naso, fatta salva la maestria di ricomporre le due situazioni in unita nella immagine finale.
I'm currently on shore duty stationed at Aviation Support Division, North Island, and I'm working on my NASO qualification.
General Manager, Tom Naso said, 'We're pleased to win any award, but being recognised for contributing to our environment is especially rewarding.
The Dale NasoGastricTube Holder is a woven fabric nose pad that securely holds naso-gastric feeding and aspiration tubes such as Salem sump, Levin stomach, naso enteric feeding- and naso-gastric intestinal tubes, the company said.
However, their hopes were dashed when they arrived at Palacio de las Garzas only to be met by the Ministerio de Gobierno y Justicia's director of indigenous affairs, Jose Acosta, who a few weeks earlier had ordered Naso demonstrators to be evicted from Plaza Catedral during a protest against the Bonyic hydroelectric project.
Betray the Night" tells the story of Pinaria, wife of famed poet Publius Ovidius Naso, as she tries to bring her exiled husband home.
Lance McMillan, now manager of national sales accounts in charge of retail and wholesale accounts, will continue to work from the NASO in Visalia.