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The introduction of a tube into a hollow organ to keep it open, especially into the larynx to ensure the passage of air.



the introduction of a special tube into the larynx through the mouth for the purpose of eliminating respiratory disruption in burns, certain traumas, severe spasms of the larynx, laryngeal diphtheria, and acute, rapidly resolvable (for example, allergic) laryngeal edemas. Intubation may sometimes replace tracheotomy. In order to avoid the danger of asphyxiation, the tube is usually withdrawn and the patient transfers to normal respiration.

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Other factors that increase risk of CDAD include advanced age, severe underlying illness, nasogastric intubation, medications that neutralize gastric acid and long hospitalizations.
The photograph should have shown endotracheal, not nasogastric intubation.
Our facility insures that the Nurse Externs DO NOT perform any procedures that require special certification, such as venipuncture or nasogastric intubation.