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Nasser, Lake,

c.1,550 sq mi (4,010 sq km), on the Nile River, SE Egypt and N Sudan, known as Lake Nubia in Sudan. Created in the 1960s, it extends c.350 mi (560 km) behind Aswan High Dam, submerging the more southern second and third cataracts. Lake Nasser averages c.6 mi (10 km) in width and is 600 ft (1,000 km) deep in places. The lake's rising waters forced more than 80,000 Nubian people to relocate and submerged many historic sites. Flooding is a perennial problem.
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During the period 1982-2006 after the installation of Aswan seismic network around the northern part of Nasser Lake many earthquakes were recorded and located in this area.
The other events are located between the East bank of Nasser Lake and Qabqaba area.
After the installation of Aswan seismic network in the northern part of Nasser Lake several small events from this area and the area to the northwest of Aswan were detected.
CAIRO: In a recent trip to Upper Egypt, General Secretary of the Policies Committee of the National Democratic Party (NDP) Gamal Mubarak promised displaced Nubians homes on the banks of Nasser Lake.
After the water levels of Nasser Lake gradually stabilized, many have eyed the land along its banks which stretch 350 kilometers, reaching Egypt's border with Sudan.
Not really, if you are at the wide Nasser Lake that is full of big fish, you can take a rest at night on the other shore and watch a night light and sound show at Abu Simbel Temple.