Nat Turner

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Nat Turner
Nathaniel Turner
BirthplaceSouthampton County, Virginia
Known for Nat Turner's slave rebellion

Turner, Nat


Born Oct. 2, 1800, in Southampton County, Va.; died Nov. 11, 1831, in Jerusalem (present-day Courtland), Va. Leader of a Negro slave rebellion in the USA.

Turner, a slave all his life, learned to read and write and later became a preacher. A deeply religious man, he believed he was responsible for carrying out the will of god. In 1831 he organized and led a slave revolt (seeNAT TURNER REBELLION OF 1831). The rebellion was defeated, and Turner went into hiding; however, he was arrested on October 30 and later hanged. While in prison, Turner dictated the story of his life to a journalist.


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It is easier to plot a dialogue with Black Power and the master text of Styron's Nat Turner in Sherley Anne Williams's Dessa Rose.
Each novel (re)invents Nat Turner within the sociopolitical context of the time the novel was published.
Nat Turner was asked to be a speaker at the same event in 2003 and this is when he was first introduced to Johnson.
In choosing his tenants, Luther II carefully screened out potential militants in favor of those ravenous for status and willing to trade their color and souls for it: "He [did not want] to cultivate no madmen like Nat Turner or Marcus Garvey in Linden Hills" (11-12).
So to get back to your question, Ellison grants Bill Styron's right to try to get inside Nat Turner.
Rushdy's "Reading Black, White, and Gray in 1968: The Origins of the Contemporary Narrative of Slavery" explores literary representations of slavery through an analysis of the problematic production of William Styron's The Confessions of Nat Turner (1967) and the conflict that followed the novel's appearance.
1831: Nat Turner, the leader of a bloody slave revolt in Southampton County, Virginia, was hanged in Jerusalem, the county seat.
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Integrating clinical and genomic information has the potential to dramatically improve cancer treatment and advance therapy development," said Nat Turner, co-founder and chief executive officer, Flatiron Health.
and directed by Laurence Schwartz--In 1831 Virginia, Nat Turner, America's most famous insurrectionists, killed over 60 white citizens in slave revolt talks with attorney Thomas R.
And at least Nat Turner was fighting for his own freedom, while the Confederate battle flag was the banner of those who fought freedom, defended slavery, clubbed civil rights workers - and, most recently, murdered black churchgoers.