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, city (1994 pop. 144,900), W central Israel, on the Mediterranean Sea; also spelled Nathania. It is a beach resort and the trade center for agricultural settlements in the region. Diamond cutting and polishing and citrus packing are the chief industries.
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, Israel.
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As further guides to the landscape and its significance, he has invited indigenous writers Natanya Ann Pulley, Rainy Dawn, Esther G.
I emailed one of my best friends from back home, Natanya, an experienced amateur cook currently residing in Baltimore, Maryland.
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Press reports said the Ramallah native who allegedly sent the Palestinians who blew themselves up in a 2002 hotel bombing in Natanya that killed 20 Israelis was a nominee for a 2007 prisoner release deal aimed at freeing Israeli soldier Giliad Shalit, who was captured by Hamas fighters and whose whereabouts remain unknown.
In South Africa -- the world's second-largest gold producer -- Natanya van Niekerk, deputy general manager for numismatics at the South African Mint Company, said she had seen a big increase in demand for gold.
All it does is make you lose co-ordination," said Oceania regional anti-doping organisation administrator Natanya Potoi.
The leading manufacturer of powder coatings and industrial liquid paints in Israel, Univercol, based in Natanya, and a member of the Nirlat group, will be the country's sole distributor of the Interpon D range of architectural powder coatings and other products.
A classmate, Natanya Swanson, writes of a teacher who began a class by asking how many students were happy - only a few hands went up - and then pointed out how much more Americans and Europeans have, materially, than the rest of the world.
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16 Dances was danced by Jo Anne Melsher, who was in the group who danced at Black Mountain, and Natanya Neumann and Joan Skinner, who were not.
From their vantage point at ICM, one of the industry's major talent agencies, Hummel and fellow agent Natanya Rose see both sides of the equation.