National Aboriginal Day

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Aboriginal Day, National

June 21
To foster respect and appreciation for the traditions and cultures of Canada's indigenous peoples, the government in 1996 designated the summer solstice as National Aboriginal Day. Long before the national holiday was established, this day of the year had been observed by Canada's Inuit, MÉtis, and First Nations peoples as a summer celebration commemorating Aboriginal heritage. Coordinating with National Aboriginal organizations, the Canadian government made June 21 an official holiday with the objective of including all citizens in the observance.
Celebrations take place throughout Canada's provinces and territories and are organized by the regional offices of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada and Canadian Heritage. Some festivities are modest celebrations like summer barbecues and picnics, while others exhibit a stronger focus on culture and tradition by holding canoe races, powwows, and awareness events.
Since becoming an official holiday, National Aboriginal Day has been designated the opening day of Celebrate Canada! This 11-day celebration also includes St-Jean Baptiste Day, Canadian Multiculturalism Day, and Canada Day.
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Dickie Yuzicapi entertained with hand drumming at the National Aboriginal Day 2009 Celebrations at Wascana Park in Regina, where the rainy weather moved the afternoon traditional dance performances indoors.
Celebrating National Aboriginal Day in the same year as Canada's 150th anniversary is a stark reminder that Canadian history has not always been favourable to Indigenous peoples.
While Gladue enjoyed the day, she agreed with MLA Melanie Mark, who recently made it known she believes National Aboriginal Day shouldn't be just an unofficial holiday for those wishing to celebrate, but should become a statutory holiday by B.
Some may want to ring the bells in concert with the ringing of the bells of the Peace Tower in Ottawa, at noon on May 31, and others may choose to ring them on Sunday, June 21, the National Aboriginal Day of Prayer.
Well, yet anther election and National Aboriginal Day (or NADS as I like to call it) have passed.
With that in mind, June 20, the Sunday prior to National Aboriginal Day on June 21, is to be recognized as Aboriginal Day by the church.
As part of its celebration of National Aboriginal Day, CN today announced a $40,000 contribution to the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation (MNCFN) to support their role as host First Nation of the 2017 North American Indigenous Games.
A week after the province announced it will be developing new curriculum and a day after National Aboriginal Day, the government has signed an agreement committing to providing extensive professional development to teachers to ensure that all students learn about First Nations, Metis and Inuit history, perspectives and contributions.
Archbishop Fred Hiltz, primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, and National Indigenous Anglican Bishop Mark MacDonald have issued a call to the whole church today to participate in #22days, a campaign that will stretch from the start of the closing TRC event in Ottawa on May 31 to National Aboriginal Day on June 21.
She said they plan to launch the program when the Honorable Christine Tell--the Minister of Sports, Culture, Recreation--signs a Strategic Alliance Agreement on National Aboriginal Day June 21.
The opening kicked off a week of events marking the ninth anniversary of National Aboriginal Day.
Several hundred people unfurled 1,000 blankets on the lawn of the Supreme Court of Canada in Ottawa on June 21, National Aboriginal Day.

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