NCR Corporation

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NCR Corporation

Electronics company mainly active in the midrange server market.

NCR was founded 1884 as National Cash Register Company. It joint the computer industry in th 1950s. In 1991 it was absorbed by AT&T (see dinosaurs mating), only to be spat out again in 1996.

NCR mainframes of the 1960's are remembered by some for their hardware incompatibility with IBM mainframes: NCR punched round holes in their punched cards while IBM punched rectangular ones. The codes and machines were not compatible and information could not be easily shared between NCR and IBM customers.
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In 1914, Thomas Watson departed National Cash Register Company (NCR) to take the lead at Computing, Tabulating and Recording Company.
The National Cash Register Company under the leadership of John H.
The oldest employee publication, generally accepted as the first internal in the US, was that founded by the National Cash Register Company in Dayton, Ohio in 1807.

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