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This summer marks a major milestone for DTE Energy and the DTE Energy Foundation as we celebrate a decade of partnership with the Traverse City community and the National Cherry Festival," said Fred Shell, vice president of DTE Energy's Corporate and Government Affairs and president of the DTE Energy Foundation.
DTE Energy has been an outstanding resource for our community in many ways, from the many volunteer hours contributed by its employees, to its 10 years of support for the National Cherry Festival," he continued.
The parade is one of the highlights of the National Cherry Festival held here annually.
CONTACT: Eileen Dixon of DTE Energy, +1-313-235-9154; Susan Wilcox Olson of National Cherry Festival, +1-231-947-4230, ext.
The 2004 Championship Trophies Tour will kick off the week after the Fourth of July holiday in Traverse City on July 8th at the National Cherry Festival.
The National Cherry Festival is home to nearly 150 family events in all, including free entertainment and children's events each Festival day, sporting events, and three parades.
For more information regarding the National Cherry Festival and Cherries visit the Festival web-site www.
July 12 /PRNewswire/ -- John Gilger of Olmstead, Ohio sets a world record with a 2:56 (minutes) mile at the National Cherry Festival, Traverse City, Michigan on Saturday, July 12, 1997.
MetLife is proud to sponsor the National Cherry Festival Wheelchair Mile, and we're thrilled to have witnessed this historical moment in wheelchair racing, the breaking of the three-minute mile barrier", stated Shalin.
The MetLife Wheelchair Mile is one of 150 events during the National Cherry Festival, each year in July.
The Junior Royale Parade is just one of many exciting events to be hosted as part of the 1995 National Cherry Festival held in Traverse City, Michigan -- the "Cherry Capital of the World.
As part of the Traverse City community, my team and I are once again thrilled to be part of the great National Cherry Festival tradition," comments Larry Anderson.

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