National Education Association

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National Education Association

(NEA), organization of professional educators in the United States, with almost 2.5 million members. The NEA was founded (1850) as the National Teachers Association, changed its name in 1857, and was chartered by Congress in 1906. Its 13 standing committees and 7 divisions share an operating budget of approximately $150 million; each represents a separate area of specialized interest. Its general aim is to promote the welfare of all professional educators, including teachers, administrators, counselors, and others concerned about education. In 1998 the leadership of NEA and the American Federation of TeachersAmerican Federation of Teachers
(AFT), an affiliate of the AFL-CIO. It was formed (1916) out of the belief that the organizing of teachers should follow the model of a labor union, rather than that of a professional association.
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 supported a merger of the two groups, but delegates to the NEA's annual meeting rejected the proposal.


See E. B. Wesley, NEA: The First Hundred Years (1957) and M. Murphy, Blackboard Unions: The AFT and the NEA, 1900–1980 (1990).

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The National Education Association is constantly looking at ways to provide its members with a variety of benefits and signing a partnership agreement with Virtual Education Software, inc.
The National Education Association is represents 3m K-12 educators, higher education faculty, education support professionals, school administrators, retired educators and students preparing to become educators.
The National Education Association believes that high school graduation must be a federal, state, and local priority.
The report, Assessment of Diversity in America's Teaching Force, is available as a PDF on the National Education Association Web site at www.
The National Education Association Foundation offers $1,000-$3,000 grants to practicing U.
Seven major national standards for school libraries have evolved since those issued in 1920 by the National Education Association and the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools (Jones, 1982, p.
National Education Association (NEA) President Reg Weaver is available to discuss:
A visible company of professionals; African Americans and the National Education Association during the civil rights movement.
George Miller (D-CA), a ranking member of the committee; and Reg Weaver, president of the National Education Association.
The National Education Association believes that each student has the right to a free public education that should be suited to the needs of the individual and guaranteed by state constitutions and the United States Constitution.
One of the curious things about UTLA dues is that around 40 percent (around $11 million) paid by UTLA members goes not to UTLA but to other organizations, namely the California Teachers Association, the National Education Association, the California Federation of Teachers and the American Federation of Teachers.
Thus the National Education Association and the several public-school districts in Michigan that sued the Department of Education last April in Pontiac v.

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