National Electrical Safety Code

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National Electrical Safety Code (NESC)

Rules, prepared by the NESC and approved by ANSI, which govern: (a) methods of grounding; (b) installation and maintenance of electric-supply stations and equipment, of overhead supply and communication lines, and of underground and electric-supply and communications lines; and (c) operation of electric-supply and communication lines and equipment.
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PoleForeman, based on the National Electrical Safety Code, is a structural analysis program used for evaluating the integrity of utility poles, helping to alleviate pole breakage by ensuring the appropriate pole size is used to support conductors, transformers, communication cables and other utility pole attachments.
Current information on the NESC is available on the Internet at the National Electrical Safety Code Zone.
The IEEE is the secretariat for the National Electrical Safety Code, which means it provides a home for the NESC Committee and supports its activities with a full range of administrative, logistical, publishing and other services.
Hardening the electric network - FPL is the first utility in the nation to propose adopting the National Electrical Safety Code standard for extreme wind velocity zone criteria -- withstanding wind gusts of up to 150 mph -- for all new distribution construction and system upgrades.
Hardening the Electric Network - FPL's network today meets or exceeds all required safety standards prescribed by the National Electrical Safety Code (NESC).

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