National Historic Landmark

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National Historic Landmark

A designated district, site, building, structure or object of exceptional significance to the country as a whole, rather than just to a particular state or locality; each is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.


1. Any building, structure, or place that has a special character, special historic interest, and/or special aesthetic interest, or value, as part of the development, heritage, or cultural characteristics of a nation, state, city, or town.
2. A monument, fixed object, or marker on the ground that designates the location of a land boundary.
3. A formal designation of such status for a building by a national or local authority. Also see National Historic Landmark and National Register of Historic Places.
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They scheduled readings in venues throughout the city, including their North Philadelphia home, the National Historic Landmark Church of the Advocate.
Postal Service unveiled a commemorative 37-cent stamp, and the Department of the Interior bestowed the National Historic Landmark honor.
Culture flourished in this fecund valley in 1879, when the opera house, decreed a national historic landmark in 1973, first opened.
You'll be cruising the river on a National Historic Landmark.
That achievement was recognized in 1998 with a National Historic Landmark sign dedicated at the Polymer Science Building at the University of Akron.
A National Historic Landmark since 1975, the Victorian Gothic building at 1241 Elm Street draws the eyes and the ears, especially from the red plush seats of the acoustically excellent Springer Auditorium.
The terminal was dedicated by aviator Amelia Earhart in 1934 and was declared a national historic landmark in 1979.
The American Precision Museum is housed in a registered National Historic Landmark in eastern Vermont that was home to the 1850s Robbins & Lawrence armory, which completed the U.
ASCE Names Blue Ridge Parkway as a National Historic Landmark
Today, the Nautilus serves as Connecticut's state ship and is on display as a national historic landmark.
The building is one of only 22 such landmarks in North Carolina designated as a National Historic Landmark.
Balboa Park in no danger of losing National Historic Landmark status

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