National Historic Landmark

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National Historic Landmark

A designated district, site, building, structure or object of exceptional significance to the country as a whole, rather than just to a particular state or locality; each is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.


1. Any building, structure, or place that has a special character, special historic interest, and/or special aesthetic interest, or value, as part of the development, heritage, or cultural characteristics of a nation, state, city, or town.
2. A monument, fixed object, or marker on the ground that designates the location of a land boundary.
3. A formal designation of such status for a building by a national or local authority. Also see National Historic Landmark and National Register of Historic Places.
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A 117-room luxury hotel in the heart of Galveston's Strand National Historic Landmark District, The Tremont House blends old Galveston ambiance and history with contemporary sophistication and amenities.
The response was prepared to address a number of issues in the letter including Balboa Park's status as a National Historic Landmark District.
Ocean Drive, a National Historic Landmark District, with its spectacular views was once a favorite picnicking spot of the wealthy summer residents in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
If the public and, ultimately, Congress agree with the plan, the park would consist of noncontiguous "historic districts": the Blackstone River and tributaries; the Blackstone Canal; Old Slater Mill National Historic Landmark District in Pawtucket, R.
Kennedy; interprets the Dealey Plaza National Historic Landmark District and the John F.
The Mitchell's ongoing preservation of Galveston's historic downtown helped spark the resurrection of The Strand National Historic Landmark District and Pier 21 as a tourist destination.
Ambassador Limousine President Ken Lucci created the experience as a way to bring new visitors to this National Historic Landmark District at an affordable price.
With a central location in the heart of the Strand National Historic Landmark District, Saengerfest Park offers annual free events to the public and easy access to downtown shopping.
The historic building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is a contributing building to the San Francisco Civic Center National Historic Landmark District.
Proceeds from the auction will be used to acquire and conserve Moravian and Southern decorative art objects for the Old Salem Museums & Gardens, a restored 18th-/19th-century North Carolina Moravian community within a National Historic Landmark district.

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