National Key Deer Refuge

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National Key Deer Refuge

Address:179 Key Deer Blvd
Big Pine Key, FL 33043

Established: 1957.
Location:Florida Keys, about 30 miles northeast of Key West.
Facilities:Visitor contact station, viewing sites, hiking trails (é).
Activities:Boating, canoeing, fishing, hiking, educational programs.
Special Features:The Key deer is the smallest of all white-tailed deer and is a species not found anywhere else in the world. In 1957, only 27 known deer existed. With the establishment of the refuge and intensive law enforcement efforts, the population has increased to about 800 deer.
Habitats: 84,351 acres of upland forest, shrub wetland and wetland marsh.
Access: Open during daylight hours.
Wild life: Key deer, a subspecies of the Virginia white-tailed deer.

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Established in 1957, the 9,200-acre (3,723 hectares) National Key Deer Refuge changed the fate of its namesake.
Route 1 Overseas Highway, from Big Pine Key through the National Key Deer Refuge.
The National Key Deer Refuge is a large expanse of mostly undeveloped pinelands and provides critical habitat for hundreds of endemic and migratory species including 17 federally listed species like Key deer, lower Keys marsh rabbits and silver rice rats.
Barry Stieglitz, manager of the National Key Deer Refuge, readily admits that FWS has avoided critical habitat designation for political reasons, but he considers those reasons sound.
NWF also supported bills that led to creation of the National Key Deer Refuge.
He was eventually hired by the Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife (forerunner of the Fish and Wildlife Service) after the advent of the National Key Deer Refuge in 1957.
Allen organized Boy Scouts and others in a letter-writing campaign that led to the establishment of National Key Deer Refuge in 1957.
The National Key Deer Refuge has an active habitat management program that includes State and municipally owned lands as well as Service owned lands.

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