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Said Wajtknecht: "It's going to be a new challenge for me, riding in the National League so I can't wait for the season to get going now.
Ian Hewitt, director of basketball and men's head coach, said: "The introduction of a National League side into our programme sends a message of where we want basketball within Newcastle University to go and how far it has already come.
The college has a fantastic basketball programme and with our club's national league programme, both will complement each other to develop the sport in the city of Liverpool.
A play-off system between the two leagues would then come into effect and would include teams finishing in third to sixth spots in the National League as well as the sides ending the season fifth and sixth in the Championship Eight.
Huddersfield has had a basketball league for nearly 30 years during which time local players have been forced to go to other areas in order to play in the National League," said Willoughby.
option=com_content&view=article&id=4189:mlb-to-see-attendance-surpass-3-billion-since-al-and-nl-merged&catid=56:ticket-watch&Itemid=136) to see yearly attendance data dating back to 1901 for the American League, National League, and Major League totals
But no club has ever been promoted from National League Two and made an impact like Celtic Crusaders under John Dixon.
Widnes, on the other hand, have appeared in 48 finals, winning 25, although they were beaten in their last big match, the National League One Grand Final last October.
Louis' Bob Gibson led the National League with a record-low 1.
Before joining the National League of Cities, Mohrman-Gillis was vice president for policy and legal affairs at the Association of Public Television Stations in Washington, D.
Louis Cardinals hold the National League record, winning 9 out of 15 times.
National League One play-offs: Rochdale v Whitehaven (3.

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