National Organization of Cypriot Fighters

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National Organization of Cypriot Fighters


(Ethniki Organosis Kyprion Agoniston; EOKA), a military and political organization of Cypriot Greeks, primarily prosperous peasants and merchants, advocating the immediate union of Cyprus with Greece.

EOKA was founded in 1951 by the Greek colonel G. Grivas (died January 1974) ostensibly for the purpose of fighting against British domination on Cyprus. In reality, the small armed groups making up the organization waged their terrorist activities not so much against British soldiers on Cyprus as against activists of the Progressive Party of the Working People of Cyprus and other democratic organizations. After the formation of the Republic of Cyprus, EOKA continued its avowed fight for enosis (union).

On July 15, 1974, the EOKA groups known as EOKA–2 took part in an antigovernment uprising. As a result of the rebellion, Turkish troops landed on Cyprus, relations between Greek and Turkish Cypriots became strained, and the independence of the Republic of Cyprus was weakened.

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