National Parks Conservation Association

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National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA)

Address:1300 19th St NW, Suite 300
Washington, DC 20036

Established: 1919. Description:Membership organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the national parks while instilling an appreciation and understanding of all parklands. Major programs areas include park resource protection, visitor experience, park funding and management, and public advocacy. Maintains eight regional offices across the country. Members: 300,000. Dues: $15/year.
Publications: National Parks (quarterly); free to members.

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Since 1919, the nonpartisan, nonprofit National Parks Conservation Association has been the leading voice of the American people in protecting and enhancing our National Park System.
America's parks continue to face environmental and economic threats, and we are thankful for the continued support from Nature Valley," said Tom Kiernan, president of the National Parks Conservation Association.
That's when the National Parks Conservation Association helped initiate another design competition, this time focused on the arch's future.
She has climbed Mount Rainier a number of times and has served on the boards of several environmental organizations, including the National Parks Conservation Association.
While the emission trading program created by CSAPR will result in significant air quality benefits for many eastern states, it will not require some of the most egregious polluters of iconic Class I national landscapes to clean up their pollution to the same level that would be required under BART," reports the National Parks Conservation Association, which would like to see EPA drop its proposed BART rule exemption.
That's why it is imperative for groups such as the National Parks Conservation Association and the Sierra Club to sit down with hunters and hash out a fair compromise, if this plan is truly insensitive to wetlands or other recreationists.
Nearly 1,300 acres of private land within the recreation area is lost each year to development, which could add up to 70,000 lost acres by 2062 -- a little less than half of the entire park, according to the National Parks Conservation Association, an advocacy group.
It's an outrage," says Mary Munson, regional director for the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA).
Laura Loomis, director of the visitor use and experience program at the private National Parks Conservation Association, says the National Park Service has recently done a reasonably good job of moving campsites away from streams.
Preserve the Parks, which launched in April of 2010, supports the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA), and is designed to encourage Americans to get outside and visit the parks, while raising funds for their preservation.
A coalition of environmental groups--Sierra Club, Earthjustice, Environmental Integrity Project, the Sustainable Energy and Economic Development Coalition, National Parks Conservation Association, Breath is Lyfe, and Public Citizen--has worked in Texas to cut dangerous coal pollution from plants in the state.
This friendship also, in short turn, gave birth to another organization vital to the survival of the national parks as we know them today: the National Parks Conservation Association.

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