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The Hebrew National lawsuit contends ConAgra was able to charge higher prices for Hebrew National products because of its kosher labeling.
Hebrew National products are kosher, and this lawsuit is without merit," Omaha, Neb.
The employees said they complained to AER and Triangle K, which certifies Hebrew National products as kosher, but higher-ups did not take action to correct the company's practices.
According to officials of the ministry, the program aims at enhancing trust between producers and customers and promoting for national products at regional and international levels.
It added the resolutions regards the revitalization and promotion of national products, as well as provide an exemption of products from all the requirements that supermarket restricts in other products.
The ministry called on co-ops to remove all obstacles of distribution and promotion of national products, as well as displaying it in appropriate matter, co-ops are obligated to pay distributors within 15 days for quick consumed items and within 45 days for the rest of the products, it noted.
Sznewajs will have a broad portfolio of responsibilities including the National Products Group which oversees mortgage banking, credit card operations and credit reporting; financial management; strategic planning and financial analysis; corporate development; operations services; human resources; community, government and legal affairs; and economics.
The event attempts to spread further awareness on the national products to largest possible segment of the local and foreign community members.
The fair in Salalah, in particular, will allow citizens, residents and visitors to Dhofar Governorate to get acquainted with the national products especially that indications show the continuity of the development of Omani products.
National Products offers a brochure on its Fennel Tambour, a PVC interlocking slat.
Pink Sheets:DFDR) announced today that the Company has acquired Steiger Meats, a long established quality meat and poultry distributor from New York City, as well as a distributor of Hebrew National products for the New York City/Metropolitan area.
Steiger Meats has been distributing meat, poultry, and a full line of Hebrew National products for the past 25 years to countless regional customers.

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