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The New River Gorge and Gauley River National Recreation Areas are both rugged, white-water river areas rich in cultural and natural history, containing an abundance of scenic and recreational opportunities.
The cabins are available year-round and are located in a scenic wooded area near two National Recreation Areas.
Gauley River National Recreation Area was established in 1988 to protect 25 miles of the Gauley River and six miles of the Meadow River, and is located between the towns of Summersville and Fayetteville.
They still would be allowed at 13 other units administered by the Park Service, 11 national recreation areas and two national seashores, Gulf Island in Florida and Mississippi and Padre Island in Texas, at the discretion of the local superintendent.
held hearings to evaluate how the Forest Service responded to a 1990 congressional study accusing the agency of poorly managing its national recreation areas.
The officials had been making the case that conflicts between motorized travelers and rafters in the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area should not be an issue.
The 652,488-acre Hells Canyon National Recreation Area - which is within the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest - was officially "saved" in 1975, when its designation by Congress ended a quarter-century push by utility companies to build a 600-foot-high dam in North America's deepest canyon.
To assume that the spectacular natural, ecological, and cultural attributes of the Hells Canyon country are permanently protected due to its designation as a national recreation area is a grievous mistake," testified Ric Bailey, executive director of the Hells Canyon Preservation Council.
Andrus, a Democrat, later teamed up with a pair of Republican conservationists, Washington Governor Dan Evans and Oregon Governor Tom McCall, in campaigning for a dam-free national recreation area.

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