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Weather Bureau


an organization that supplies the population and various branches of the economy with weather forecasts, information about present and past weather, and special warnings of anticipated dangerous weather (hurricanes, gales, snowstorms, thunderstorms, rainstorms, frosts, and so on). In the USSR and several other countries weather bureaus also compile forecasts and current information on river and sea conditions and the state of plantings of agricultural crops. The first weather bureau in Russia, attached to the Main Geophysical Observatory, was opened in 1872 in St. Petersburg. In the USSR there are weather bureaus in the capitals of the union republics and in a number of cities of the RSFSR and Ukrainian SSR.


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The DS3 DataVaulting online backup service based on Asigra technology gives NOAA's National Weather Service the protection of secure, offsite backup with vastly improved recoverability - it's a necessary practice for disaster preparedness.
And many National Weather Service offices use the data to develop more accurate local forecasts.
The National Weather Service forecast winds in the Antelope Valley this afternoon and evening of 25 to 35 mph, with gusts even stronger.
WeatherBug Tracking Station information continued to support the National Weather Service and the National Hurricane Center's expanded surface observation network to improve weather forecasting.
though the official temperature that day according to the National Weather Service was about 128 degrees.
Many technological advances and scientific breakthroughs have allowed National Weather Service forecasts and warnings to become more specific and accurate," said retired Air Force Brig.
The National Weather Service predicted mostly sunny skies today and Friday for the Antelope Valley.
There are many weather sites available, but as a commercial pilot I prefer to use 'WeatherBug' as one of the weather information sources I use before flying, because I know that they provide live, reliable data from the network the National Weather Service uses," said Alan Flewitt, a WeatherBug Plus user from Dallas, Texas.
Lots of rain, moving slow," said Stuart Seto, a weather specialist with the National Weather Service in Oxnard.
The core of Dennis missed Key West and the Keys, according to the National Weather Service Office in Key West.
The National Weather Service issued a flood warning for much of the area - especially for hillsides in the West Valley, Burbank and other areas burned in fires late last year.
Jack Elrod and his alter ego, Mark Trail, have been great partners to NOAA's National Weather Service in helping educate the public on the importance of having a NOAA Weather Radio in your home when danger threatens," said retired Air Force Brig.

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