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Greek mathematician: see Heron of AlexandriaHeron of Alexandria
or Hero,
mathematician and inventor. The dates of his birth and death are unknown; conjecture places them between the 2d cent. B.C. and the 3d cent. A.D. He is believed to have lived in Alexandria; although he wrote in Greek, his origin is uncertain.
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in Greek mythology, priestess of Aphrodite in Sestos. Her lover, Leander, swam the Hellespont nightly from Abydos to see her. During a storm the light by which she guided him blew out, and he drowned. Hero, in despair, then threw herself into the sea. Christopher Marlowe's poem Hero and Leander is based on the story.


in Greek religion, famous person, who after his death, was worshiped as quasi-divine. The heroes might be actual great men and women, real or imaginary ancestors, or "faded" gods and goddesses (i.e., ancient gods who for some reason were demoted to human status). Homer treats his heroes as nobles and fighting men, but many Homeric heroes, such as Hector and Achilles, later became objects of worship. Hero cults were distinctly different from the attendance to the dead, which was meant only to afford comfort in the afterlife. In hero worship, as in the worship of all infernal powers, rituals were performed at night, black animals were sacrificed, and blood and other liquid offerings were poured beside the hero's tomb. The worship centered in general on the supposed place of the hero's tomb; the cult of some heroes, notably Hercules, was, however, widespread.


See E. R. Farnell, Greek Hero Cults and Ideas of Immortality (1921).

What does it mean when you dream about a hero or heroine?

The hero(ine) is a universal archetype, a symbol, among other things, for the self, even our ideal self. Our creativity and our sense of initiative. Dreaming about being rescued by a hero(ine) is more complex. It could represent either the intervention by our own higher self or a feeling of weakness, helplessness, incompetence, and, as a consequence, a need to be rescued.


grief-stricken when her beloved Leander drowns while swimming the Hellespont, she drowns herself. [Gk. Myth.: Brewer Dictionary, 450]
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Classical myth a being of extraordinary strength and courage, often the offspring of a mortal and a god, who is celebrated for his exploits


, Heron
1st century ad, Greek mathematician and inventor
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As we presented Director Brennan with the National Hero Award, it was obvious that the Gala attendees agreed that he was a most deserving honoree this year, especially at this time for our country," said Taylor.
The bill further declares as national symbols the Great Seal as the national seal; the national coat-of-arms shall have paleways of two pieces, azure and gules, Philippine peso the national currency and Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda as the national hero.
If such an extension to the Act would be called Turing's law, that would really be a fitting tribute to a national hero.
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Erol Rizaov comments for Utrinski Vesnik that as the Government erased the name of the street that carries the name of national hero Stiv Naumov, it gave it back in the same way - snidely and cowardly.
Likewise, a national hero shudders when he hears that the masses are calling for democracy.
KABUL (PAN): Meshrano Jirga (the Senate) on Sunday has also endorsed September 9 as National Hero Shaheed Ahmad Shah and Martyrs Day -- commemorating it with a public holiday.
Former Welsh National hero Miko De Beauchene led three out and touched a low of 1.
Hristo Lukov, a hero from Bulgaria's national unification wars turned an anti-Semite and a pro-Nazi activist, was also said to honor the memory of Vasil Levski, Bulgaria's undisputed national hero from the anti-Ottoman liberation struggle.
You could become a national hero if you leave this chamber, pick up the phone and order him to be sent back to Jordan tonight.
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