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(of chemical elements, esp metals) found naturally in the elemental form


(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

A native is a person born in a particular place. In astrology, this term refers to the person for whom a natal chart was cast. In the latter sense, it is a useful, concise term that, in any extended discussion, is preferable to “person for whom this chart was cast” or some such other unwieldy expression. The term native can also refer to someone born under a particular sign, as when one says that she or he is a native of Cancer.


Grown, produced or originating in a specific region or country.
Pertaining to an element found in nature in a nongaseous state.
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Apart from this, Nativ was also engaged, of course, in espionage.
Adam Nativ, whose younger brother Shlomo was axed to death by a Palestinian terrorist in Gush Etzion, refuses to testify at the murderers trial.
Following the killing of Bat Ayin settler Shlomo Nativ at the hands of an ax-wielding Palestinian in April, a number of clashes have broken out between occupiers and Palestinians living in nearby villages.
The boy killed was named as Shlomo Nativ, whose parents were among the founders of the settlement in 1989.
The boy killed was named as Shlomo Nativ, while Israeli media said the wounded seven-year-old is the son of Ofer Gamliel, who is serving a 15-year prison sentence for participating in a foiled attack on a Palestinian girls school in Jerusalem in 2002.
during, or after college on programs like Nativ and the Conservative
In a case prosecuted by the Ventura County District Attorney's Office, Woodland Hills resident Tomer Rotholz, 41, stands accused of four counts of premium fraud for allegedly underreporting the payroll for his businesses, Tapuz Enterprises and Nativ Engineering Inc.
For example, as compared to non-athletes, elite intercollegiate athletes report more problems with alcohol (Kokotailo, Henry, Koscki, Fleming & Landry, 1996; Leichliter, Meilman, Presley, & Cashin, 1998; Nativ, Puffer, & Green.

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