Native Bismuth

Bismuth, Native


a mineral composed of Bi. It crystallizes in trigonal system; granular formations and feathery and branching dendrites are characteristic. It has complete cleavage. It is silver-white on a new fracture, with a yellow tint and usually with reddish iridescence. Its hardness on the mineralogical scale is 2.5; its density is 9,780-9,830 kg/m3. Native bismuth is formed in skarn and hydrothermal deposits in association with cassiterite, wolframite, molybdenite, scheelite, and sulfides of Pb, Zn, Cu, and Fe, as well as in ores containing sulfides and arsenides of Co and Ni, pitchblende, and native silver.

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This paper presents preliminary observations on veinlets and trails of native bismuth and silver melt inclusion that cross-cut silicate and carbonate vein fill and alteration minerals in the five-element veins at Cobalt, Canada.
These temperatures, although sufficient to produce melt inclusions of native bismuth, are insufficient to melt silver.
Native silver and (to a lesser extent) native bismuth generally occur with cobalt-arsenides, sulfarsenides and sulfosalts in near-vertical carbonate ([+ or -] silicate) veins cutting Huronian sedimentary rocks of the Gowganda Formation, Archean greenstones, and the Paleoproterozoic Nipissing diabase (Fig.
Bismuth would be molten at the pressure and temperature conditions of vein formation, and thus, the solid inclusions of native bismuth are interpreted as melt inclusions.
has received virtually no previous lode gold exploration, however historic placer gold operations returned gold with associated native bismuth, scheelite and gold-bearing native bismuth metals more commonly associated with gold deposits of the Tintina Gold Belt of Interior Alaska and the Yukon.
Also native bismuth were found in sluice boxes on the south side of Fish Creek which indicates that a Melba Creek like intrusive (Fort Knox) type deposit may exist in the vicinity according to Rodney A.
Frequently, gold is intergrown with tellurides and native bismuth.