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All bets were off and the nattering nabobs of negativity were in full voice last year as spending plowed toward the $200 million mark and Cameron's shipwreck epic was bumped from a summer to a fall release.
According to some nattering nabobs of negativity, the Squiggle hasn't made a fully satisfying album since ``Controversy,'' despite a dozen or so later attempts.
Why not just shoot those nattering nabobs instead, and circumvent the legal system altogether?
So I say to the nattering nabobs of negativity: Don't worry, be happy.
But before that grim assessment is dismissed as more of the same from the nattering nabobs of negativism, check out the institute's best-case scenario: The Bush Doctrine, which virtually guaranteed the creation of a full-fledged democracy in Iraq friendly to the West, is hopelessly naive.
It takes a lot of guts for a public body to admit a mistake, especially when council members know they will be skewered by our local band of nattering nabobs of negativism.