Natural House

Natural House (Natural Chart; Natural Ruler)

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

The signs of the zodiac refer to a person’s nature, and astrological houses refer to a person’s environment, and there is a natural association between each of the 12 signs and each of the 12 houses (e.g., Aries is associated with the first house, Taurus with the second house, Gemini, with the third house, and so forth). Thus, for example, the fourth sign of the zodiac, Cancer, is associated with the home, while the fourth astrological house is also identified with the home and with property. To take another example, the third sign, Gemini, is a sign of communication, and the third house is associated with, among other things, communication. Such correspondences hold between all the signs and houses.

This correspondence is what is referred to, for example, when it is said that a person with Aries on the ascendant (with the first sign on the beginning or cusp of the first house), and with each succeeding sign on the cusp of each succeeding house, has a natural chart: The signs and houses with “natural” links are found together in the chart. Similarly, when a planet is located in the house associated with the sign it rules, it is said to be in its natural house—a placement in which the planet is said to be in accidental dignity. For example, when Jupiter is found in the ninth house, it is in its natural house (and is accidentally dignified), because Jupiter rules the ninth sign, Sagittarius. To complete this series of related terms, the planets are sometimes said to be the natural rulers of the houses associated with the signs they rule.


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