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1. Music
a. not sharp or flat
b. denoting a note that is neither sharp nor flat
c. (of a key or scale) containing no sharps or flats
2. Music of or relating to a trumpet, horn, etc., without valves or keys, on which only notes of the harmonic series of the keynote can be obtained
3. Cards
a. (of a card) not a joker or wild card
b. (of a canasta or sequence) containing no wild cards
c. (of a bid in bridge) describing genuine values; not conventional
4. based on the principles and findings of human reason and what is to be learned of God from nature rather than on revelation
5. Music
a. an accidental cancelling a previous sharp or flat.
b. a note affected by this accidental
6. Pontoon the combination of an ace with a ten or court card when dealt to a player as his or her first two cards

tropical year

tropical yearclick for a larger image
The period between two successive vernal equinoxes, the time the earth takes to complete one orbit around the sun relative to the first point of Aries. Its length was 365 days 5 h 48 min and 45.19 s in 2000, and it is changing by 0.00000006162 x y days (y in Julian years from 2000), or about 5 milliseconds/year. The tropical year differs from the solar year by 1 part in 26,000, since this is the period of the earth's precession about its rotational axis combined with the precession of the perihelion of the earth's orbit. Also called an astronomical, equinoctial, natural, or solar year. It contains one complete cycle of seasons.


An integrated 4GL from Software AG, Germany. The menu-driven version is SUPER/NATURAL.

Natural 2 is a major upgrade to Natural 1.

Version 2.1.7 in the MVS environment (June 1995, also available for Unix).

Natural works with DB2 and various other databases, but Natural and Adabas normally go together. There are many products available in the "Natural" family, including SuperNatural, Natural for Windows, Entire Connection (enables up/downloading and interaction with Excel) and Esperant.


An earlier fourth-generation language from Software AG, Reston, VA, that ran on a variety of computers from micro to mainframe. See fourth-generation language.
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Omaha Steaks Leads Trend with National Delivery of Natural Meals
The search for healthy food choices among today's consumers is catapulting the market for organic and natural foods to new heights with annual sales for 2006 estimated to top $30 billion.
American shoppers spent more than $51 billion on natural and organic products in 2005, according to research published in the 25th Annual Market Overview in the June issue of The Natural Foods Merchandiser.
Natural Products retailers saw organic fresh meat and seafood sales grow 67.
ATLANTA -- Consumers to Vote for their Favorite Natural Athlete at www.
Who is America's greatest natural athlete of all-time?
At Last Naturals is dedicated to improving overall health and wellness through products that combine principles of natural healing with the benefits of modern science.
Natural progesterone cream, given in doses equivalent to that found in the body, can help restore natural hormone balance and relieve many associated symptoms of estrogen dominance.
Gourmet Naturals is one of the first such entree lines from a manufacturer of natural food products.
Gourmet Naturals, was created in response to increased demands for ready-to-cook foods with healthful benefits in the home meal replacement category (HMR).
and CF Green's Natural Steaks have always produced beef that is grown and processed as certified "Natural" as directed from the USDA regulations, which means we do not use antibiotics or growth hormones in the feeding process of our cattle.

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