Nature Conservancy

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Nature Conservancy,

nonprofit organization established in 1951 to preserve or aid in the preservation of natural environments. It protects wilderness areas in the United States and Canada and is affiliated with similar groups in Latin America and the Caribbean. It maintains the world's largest private system of nature sanctuaries.

Nature Conservancy

Address:4245 N Fairfax Dr, Suite 100
Arlington, VA 22203

Established: 1951. Description:Dedicated to protecting land where endangered species and threatened ecosystems exist. Purchases land to provide protected habitat for endangered plants and animals and negotiates sustainable land use practices with private and corporate landowners. Maintains operations in all 50 states and 30 countries. Members: 1,000,000. Dues: $25/year.
Publications: Nature Conservancy (quarterly); available to members ($50 level). Landmarks (quarterly); available to members ($25 level).

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As we expected, given its great work in the past, The Nature Conservancy strategically leveraged our support in the last 12 months to continue its mission of protecting and maintaining healthy oceans and seas, and we know its ongoing dedication will continue to create a positive and lasting impression on the environment.
Donald added: We share a strong commitment to achieving environmental excellence and we look forward to collaborating with the Nature Conservancy which is widely recognised for its scientific expertise and global presence to advance the cause of preserving and managing the health of our oceans and seas around the world.
For example, The Nature Conservancy restores salmon streams and wildlife habitat in the Tongass National Forest of Southeast Alaska.
8220;We chose the Nature Conservancy because preservation of our world's dying species and vanishing forests are a concern of women today,” says Kelsie Ozeki, Director at Benevolence,Inc.
The Nature Conservancy launched the Plant a Billion Trees campaign in April 2008 with a goal to restore and plant one billion trees in Brazil's Atlantic Forest.
As part of its restoration of the overall habitat, the Nature Conservancy needed to stabilize the riverbanks.
The Nature Conservancy of Virginia is very appreciative of this gift from Alpha Natural Resources," said Michael Lipford, director of The Nature Conservancy of Virginia.
The unique partnership was launched in 2005 when Henry Paulson, at the time chairman of the Nature Conservancy and CEO of investment bank Goldman Sachs (and now U.
A contributor to the Nature Conservancy report said the plan's ``solid scientific findings'' could help the city compile its wish list of prospective properties.
Funds raised from the gala will help The Nature Conservancy further its most ambitious conservation effort to date -Long Island's Last Stand--a 10-year plan to preserve and protect the most significant remaining 25,000 acres of critical habitat, and restore and protect hundreds of thousands of acres of parklands, harbors and bays, in Nassau and Suffolk counties.
The Nature Conservancy has been working in the Chagres River Basin and the Chagres National Park for some time.
Joe transfers land to The Nature Conservancy for preservation.

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