National Park

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national park

an area of countryside for public use designated by a national government as being of notable scenic, environmental, or historical importance

National Park

a mountainous volcanic region in New Zealand, in the central North Island: ski resort

National Park

A federally owned area administered by the National Park Service, often extensive in size, individually designated by Congress for purposes of recreation, culture, or scenic or historic preservation, such as Yosemite National Park, Yellowstone, and the Grand Canyon.

National Park


a protected land or water area with a relatively unspoiled natural setting, often with unusual features, such as waterfalls, canyons, and picturesque landscapes. Some national parks are analogous to preserves, from which they differ mainly in that they are also public recreation areas.

Originally, national parks were set aside as areas where the state protected natural resources from predatory exploitation by private entrepreneurs. The first such area, Yellowstone National Park in the USA, was established in 1872. By 1973 there were more than 1,000 national parks in 98 countries. In many countries national parks are established by the supreme legislative body of the state. In some countries, such as the USA and Japan, the excessive number of visitors to the national parks creates a threat to the natural objects; therefore, steps are taken to provide for appropriate organization of the national parks and the surrounding regions. In the USSR the Lahemaa National Park in Estonia (1969) and the Gauja National Park in Latvia (1973) were established by decrees of the Councils of Ministers of the Estonian SSR and the Latvian SSR.


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A large army of WBS volunteers meet once a month to support the work of 30-plus staff, undertaking surveys, helping with some of the education programmes and generally keeping the nature park running.
information getting around n The entry fee to enter Naseem Park and Qurum Nature Park is 200 baizas per head.
Nature Park is not only famous for its temperate trees, but also a place where one can spot hundreds of migratory birds during winter.
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Today, when human impact on the environment has emerged as one of the critical issues of our time, Fairbanks Art & Nature Park provides an unparalleled venue for artists to create works that extend this crucial role into the future.
Rural folks--many indigenous--are diving into the difficult bureaucratic process of creating nature parks in order to protect their traditional lands.
Working closely with Bill Logan and Dr David Shorthouse, both with Environment ACT, she examined the published evidence on the impacts of horse riding in conservation areas comparable to the Canberra Nature Park.
The group has objected to Unite's application to extend a deadline for revised plans that expired last April and hopes to receive a further grant of pounds 5,000 and raise pounds 1,250 needed for a site that would become linked to the adjacent Penglais Nature Park.
Dr Bernard Blaskewitz, director of the nature park, said: "He got through fences, bushes and walls to get to the bears - it's not like he stumbled upon them.
Mercer Slough Nature Park, 2102 Bellevue Way SE, Bellevue, 425/452-2752
Located just outside of the thriving town of Saint John, the Irving Nature Park houses six different ecosystems: a bog, Acadia forest, salt marshes, mud flats, a rocky shoreline and a barrier beach.
The Murovyovka Nature Park, which consists of 11,000 acres of marshes and forests along the Amur River in eastern Russia, has been leased from the government for 50 years by the Socio-Ecological Union of Russia, an environmental group Smirenski belongs to.