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1. Network Addressable Unit.

2. Network Access Unit.



an urban-type settlement and center of Nau Raion, Leninabad Oblast, Tadzhik SSR. Railroad station on the Kha-vast-Kokand line, 36 km southwest of the city of Leninabad. Population, 10,000 (1972). Nau has plants producing experimental agricultural and cotton-ginning machinery, reinforced-concrete goods, and asphalt concrete, as well as a flour-milling combine. The settlement also has a theater of Uzbek music and drama.


(1) (Network Access Unit) An interface card that adapts a computer to a local area network.

(2) (Network Addressable Unit) An IBM SNA component that can be referenced by name and address, which includes the SSCP, LU and PU.
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In 1991, NAU began production of a Spanish language program, a national interactive satellite television program that provided live, twice-weekly instruction in Spanish language and cultures to elementary students nationwide.
NAU president John Haeger said that often times in higher education, and especially 25 years ago, institutions didn't generally work well together.
House votes to prohibit funds for the SPP: Showing just how much citizen opposition to the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) aspect of the NAU merger process is being expressed to Congress, consider that on July 24 the U.
The NAU first began gaining the attention of average American citizens in 2005, with the signing of the treacherous Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) and the release of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) report Building a North American Community (BNAC).
VChain Solutions has entered into a 3-year deal for the provision of executive Supply Chain workshops and simulation training classes to NAU.
Now, the newly crafted NAU, rightly dubbed "NAFTA Plus," is being steered toward enactment by some of the very same people who gave us NAFTA in the first place.