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(invertebrate zoology)
A larval stage characteristic of many groups of Crustacea; the oval, unsegmented body has three pairs of appendages: uniramous antennules, biramous antennae, and mandibles.



the plankton larva of numerous species of the family Crustacea. The body is unsegmented and has three pairs of appendages. In front of the mouth there are uniramous sensory antennules; in back there are biramous antennae and mandibles for swimming. The nauplius has a median eye. Between the mandibles and the anal opening there is a growth zone, where, as development progresses, the postnauplial segments with appendages develop.

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This study reveals how the muscle system develops during naupliar development.
The larvae passed through six naupliar, three zoeal, and three mysis stages before the postlarval stage.
1989) reared Metapenaeopsis palmensis (Haswell) in the laboratory and described all the larval stages of the species except the naupliar stages.
Naupliar density and adult density were significantly greater in the 0% treatment than the 50% and 75% treatments.
The outcome is a planktonic larva that metamorphoses through five naupliar, three protozoean, and three mysis stages, before reaching the semibenthic postlarval stage.