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As a result of pressure from Nauruans and UN bodies, more generous phosphate royalties were paid to Nauru in the two years preceding its independence (McDaniel and Gowdy, 2000, p.
In 1968, when the Nauruans took over the country and the phosphate mine from an Australian-British-New Zealand consortium, only one-third of the "topside" had been mined.
More than 80 percent of Nauruan respondents reported that other family members were also diabetic.
It introduces Afghani asylum seeker Ali Mullaie, who spent over three years as a detainee and a volunteer teacher in the Nauruan education system before been granted genuine refugee status by the Australian Government.
to look into the possible involvement of Nauruan organizations in the transfer of money in support of international terrorism; and (3) to reform Nauru's laws so as to ban money laundering and the forgery of Nauruan passports.
Not that anyone could really follow the trail: Nauruan law, at the time, required no recordkeeping for financial transactions (it has since been changed).
The population as a whole is 58 percent Nauruan, 26 percent other Pacific Islanders, 8 percent European, and 8 percent Chinese.
In addition, the missions had not been staffed by Nauruan nationals and were not serving their intended purposes,'' he said.
My advice is that the Nauruan government are happy with the agreement and further people are being taken off this morning,' Mr Reith said today.
In addition to using Nauruan material, they delve into the ecological histories of Rapanui (Easter Island), Tikopia and Mangaia, along with Ladakh.
Failed investments have left the Nauruan trusts in trouble, and with only a $60 million (Australian) annual income, the government has managed to dig itself into a $600 million debt.
The Nauruan government said prosecutors sought jail time of one to two months "to deter other would-be offenders who resort to self-harm to avoid lawful actions against them or to get what they want.