Naval Battle

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Naval Battle


organized combat actions by ships and naval units to destroy the enemy at sea or suppress his ability to resist.

The naval battle consists of tactical strikes, attacks, and counterattacks carried out according to an integrated command plan. In the history of war the forms and methods of waging naval battle have changed with the development of weapons, combat equipment, and naval ship constitution. Naval battles may involve, independently or in tactical coordination, submarines, naval aviation, surface ships, and coast artillery and missile forces. Modern naval battle is characterized by the enormous destructive force of weaponry, the great mobility of the forces participating, high speed, considerable spatial scope, and rapid and abrupt changes in the situation. Depending on the nature of combat missions and objectives of the actions, naval battles may be classified as encounter, offensive, or defensive battles. A distinction is made between battles at sea, battles in the coastal region, battles to land a landing party, and battles to repulse a landing party.


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Admiral Ali Fadavi, the commander of the Revolutionary Guards' navy, recently pointed to Iran's naval engagements during the so-called "tanker war" of the 1980s as proof that its forces could be successful against the United States.
Navy in CARAT marked the largest naval engagement between the two countries in nearly 40 years, and leaders from both navies expressed high expectations for CARAT Cambodia 2010.
THE naval battle was the most significant naval engagement of the Napoleonic Wars, and the pivotal naval battle of the 19th century.
Mr Allingham, 108, from Eastbourne, is the last living survivor of the Battle of Jutland, a key naval engagement in the First World War.
Both authors of this exhaustive and definitive study of the Great War's single naval engagement work in the Imperial War Museum.
I am unhappy that his is just one broadside in a continuing naval engagement which will stretch on until the crack of doom.
Several North Korean vessels were damaged or sunk in the clash near their contested sea border in the first such naval engagement since the Korean War ended.
A naval engagement on Chesapeake Bay was fought between a French fleet under Adm.
Shared or copied methods and tactics of naval engagement (according to contemporary treatises such as the Greek Taktika and the Naumachika of Emperor Leo VI [r.
The Battle of Jutland was the most significant naval engagement of the war, fought in the North Sea near the coast of Denmark's Jutland Peninsula.
The opening naval engagement of the war took place at Heligoland Bight on August 28.
They will discuss "the implications of the US military's rebalance to the Pacific, and the importance of naval engagement and cooperation for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief," the US Embassy in the Philippines said in a statement.

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