Naval Battle

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Naval Battle


organized combat actions by ships and naval units to destroy the enemy at sea or suppress his ability to resist.

The naval battle consists of tactical strikes, attacks, and counterattacks carried out according to an integrated command plan. In the history of war the forms and methods of waging naval battle have changed with the development of weapons, combat equipment, and naval ship constitution. Naval battles may involve, independently or in tactical coordination, submarines, naval aviation, surface ships, and coast artillery and missile forces. Modern naval battle is characterized by the enormous destructive force of weaponry, the great mobility of the forces participating, high speed, considerable spatial scope, and rapid and abrupt changes in the situation. Depending on the nature of combat missions and objectives of the actions, naval battles may be classified as encounter, offensive, or defensive battles. A distinction is made between battles at sea, battles in the coastal region, battles to land a landing party, and battles to repulse a landing party.


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Navy in CARAT marked the largest naval engagement between the two countries in nearly 40 years, and leaders from both navies expressed high expectations for CARAT Cambodia 2010.
He added: "The princess had planned to attend both the service and the naval engagement.
The battle was the most |significant naval engagement of the First World War.
Jutland brought together the two most powerful naval powers of the time in the most pivotal naval engagement of the war with 6,000 British and 2,500 German personnel lost.
The opening naval engagement of the war took place at Heligoland Bight on August 28.
Indeed, it is difficult to conceive of a modern battle that would exactly resemble the naval engagement that took place in the waters of the North Pacific from.
Rather, the naval engagement was almost certainly a deliberate provocation by the North Korean leadership.
The Battle of the Coral Sea, the first naval engagement in history in which the participants never sighted each other, shifted the balance of power at sea to the aircraft carrier.
Mr Shale, who grew up in Swan Lane, Stoke, joined the Royal Navy as a 16-year-old and is the only ex-Royal Marine still alive who fought on the ship in what was the first decisive naval engagement of the war.
For Midway (1976), Smight again attracted a wonderful cast,including Charlton Heston,Glen Ford,James Coburn, Henry Fond a and Robert Mitchum, to tell the story of the famous naval engagement.
He paid tribute to his 'band of brothers' saying the naval engagement was one of the most 'memorable, important and dramatic events' of the war.
The naval engagement shows the LTTE is transporting ammunition and fuel to LTTE-held areas in the region, naval sources said.

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