(until 1958, the settlement of Kermine), a city under oblast jurisdiction, Bukhara Oblast, Uzbek SSR; named in honor of the poet Navoi. The city is located in the valley of the Zeravshan River, 8 km from the Navoi railroad station on the Krasnovodsk-Tashkent line and 100 km northeast of the city of Bukhara. Population, 72,000 (1973; 3,000 in 1939; 10,000 in 1959).

Since 1963, Navoi has been the site of a state regional electric power plant. The city’s industries include a chemical combine, food-processing enterprises, and enterprises of the building materials industry, including a large-panel housing-construction combine, a plant producing reinforced-concrete products, and an asphalt concrete plant. An evening general technical department of the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute is located in Navoi.

Navoi is a new city; it was built according to a single general plan in the 1960’s. Navoi’s distinctive architecture is typified by modular and gallery houses. The designers of the general plan, who included the architects A. V. Korotkov, V. N. Ivanov, I. B. Orlov, and N. I. Simonov and the engineer G. P. Smorodin, also supervised the actual construction work. In 1969, the plan was awarded the State Prize of the USSR. The effective use of environmental furnishings and the abundance of landscaped areas, fountains, and pools give the city a distinctive, aesthetically pleasing appearance.


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Later it was announced that the "open sky" regime will be introduced on the territory of the three more international airports of Uzbekistan - Andijan, Nukus and Navoi.
The members of the delegation and mayor of Osh Aitmamat Kadyrbayev laid flowers to the monument to Alisher Navoi.
Logistics: For the last seven years the project of the international center of logistics at Navoi Airport operated by the world leader in air-cargo transportation a Korean Air a has been successfully implemented.
Let us discuss and reflect upon various works of Uzbek scientists and thinkers as Muhammad Al-Khwarizmi, Abu Rayan al-Biruni, Abu Ali Ibn Sina, Ulugbek, Alisher Navoi and many others in the development of Modern Civilizations.
This project follows closely on from the Navoi Thermal Power Station (with the capacity to generate 450 MW of power and 200 Gcal/h of heat)(2), for which MC and MHPS were awarded a full turnkey contract by UE in October 2016.
20, 2012, Karimov and Lee also agreed to continue co-operation in Uzbekistan's ambitious plan to turn its Navoi airport in the south-western part of the country into a regional logistics hub and create a free industrial and economic zone there.
Within a year, JOGMEC and its partners were to explore the Baysun deposits in Surkhandarya and the Sangruntau Basins in the Navoi region in central Uzbekistan.
Moreover, 7,700 tons of cargo was transported via Navoi International Airport that is by 35 percent more than in the same period of 2015.
Significant gold reserves are found in the Navoi and Tashkent regions.
Phase II of a project to build a bridge on Navoi Street of Osh City has been launched, according to the mayor of the city.
The Jizzak industrial zone is the third special zone to be set up in Uzbekistan, after Navoi zone in 2008, and Angren zone in 2012.