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see NahaNaha
, city (1990 pop. 304,836), on Okinawa island, in the Ryukyu Islands, Japan. A port on the southwest coast, it is also the chief manufacturing center of the island. In 1853, Commodore Perry chose Naha as his first base for the penetration of Japan.
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, Okinawa.
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Omuuliki woidjalomwa yoshinanena a shiivika nawa, Cindy Crawford okwa popile efiku limwe ta ti, Onda halele ngeno ndi kale handi monika nda fa Cindy Crawford.
He continued that Sharaf gave directives to the cell's members to burn the centers of police and security forces and the party branch in Nawa.
Separated by only a waist-high barbed wire fence, the area around the Nawa Pass was historically a safe haven for insurgents and smugglers.
Key targets of the air and land assault include the districts of Nawa and nearby Garmsir, where many of the insurgents are said to take refuge and produce the opium that funds militants.
iimaliwa yandje otandi yi longitha nawa giini opo ndi kandule po oluhepo mofamili yandje?
In the town of Nawa in Huran region, activists said seven people were killed overnight, along with one person in Palmyra.
Damascus, (SANA) -- An official source at the General Command of the Syrian Army and Armed Forces on Sunday said "the number of martyrs killed by the armed criminal groups on Saturday afternoon in Nawa in Daraa governorate has risen to 7.
The paper's photographer Phil Coburn, 43, suffered serious injuries in the incident in Nawa, Helmand.
The dad-of-three, 39, died at the scene of the Taliban blast near Nawa in Helmand province on Saturday.
In the Tuesday Mens D division, NAWA leads with a 4-1 record, followed by Sharks, Nads and Die Hards tied for second with a 3-2 record.
Most parts of the provincial capital including Sariab, Satellite Town, Jinnah Town, Nawa Killi, Brewery road, Spiny road and others remained without gas supply on Monday.
He said Maroof district had been divided into two parts Barakzai Nawa and Alizai Nawa.