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(formerly) a Muslim ruling prince or powerful landowner in India



the title given the vicegerent of a province under the Mogul Empire in India in the 17th century. As the empire began to disintegrate in the first half of the 18th century, the nawabs of many provinces, including Bengal, Arcot, and Oudh, gained de facto independence.

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For instance, Nawab Aslam Raisani ruled and served as Chief Minister of Balochistan, his area Sarawan and Jhalawan area of Nawab Sana Ullah Zehri president of Muslim League Nawaz have no roads, schools or infrastructure to be seen there.
But the mentality of Nawab and Sardar cannot imagine considering their tribes men as equal human beings but just born to fight their tribal wars and to nourish their superiority, hence, they don't need education, medical facilities or any other development.
He was the son of Nawab Mehrab Khan Bugti and a grandson of Sir Shahbaz Khan Bugti.
In accordance with Baloch traditions, he was made Nawab when he was just 12.
Under British rule in India, the Nawabs ruled various princely states of Awadh, Bhopal, Junagadh, Pataudi among others.
In Lucknow, the history enthusiasts and others have been offered an opportunity to get an insight of the banking system prevailing during the Nawab era by Allahabad Bank by making public its ledgers between 1865-1900 and 1900-1950.
Even at times Paan (chewing betel leaf combined with the areca nut) and Hookah (a water pipe for smoking) was offered to clients," said Jafar Meer Abdullah, a Nawab.
It is surprising that no one has attempted to catalogue the portraits of the nawabs, but anyone with even a superficial knowledge of the subject will be struck by the number of copies, copies of copies, alternative versions, and collages produced during the 80-odd years of nawabi rule.
A number of 19th-century "group portraits" of the nawabs are known, where all of them are pictured together, in a kind of visual family tree.
Wajid All Shah is seen today by sympathetic historians as the most "traditional" of the nawabs, and a man of culture.
One of the most splendid portraits of the Nawab Asaf-ud-daula (r.
Nawab Akhar Bugti became Governor Balochistan in 1972 and Chief Minister in 1978.