low earth orbit

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low Earth orbit

(LEO) An orbit around the Earth of a satellite, etc., at an altitude of less than 5500 km.

low earth orbit

(LEO) The kind of orbit used by communications satellites that will offer high bandwidth for video on demand, television, and Internet communications. A satellite in LEO, in contrast to one in a geostationary orbit, is not in a fixed position relative to the Earth's surface so several satellites are required to provide continuous service.

[Ovum report, "Applications for the superhighway", John Moroney].
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The complex was established to provide launch services to deliver various spacecraft to near-earth orbit using a mobile ocean-based launch platform.
The 47 minute movie is narrated by Jennifer Lawrence and shows weather systems and even the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) from the vantage point of its near-earth orbit.
The book provides a wealth of information through its 15 sections on Saudi space scientists and the history of space exploration, highlighting many space and shuttle secrets as space shuttles have been carrying a number of satellites into near-Earth orbit for many years.
Our laboratory experiments focus on methods to remove large dead rocket boosters and satellites in near-Earth orbit," Junkins said.
The aim of assembly in orbit may be the construction of large artificial earth satellites (space stations) or interplanetary vehicles from individual subassemblies that have been consecutively placed in near-earth orbit.
According to a governmental White Paper 'China's Space Activities in 2011', the Long March-5 will use non-toxic and pollution-free propellant, and will be capable of placing 25 tonnes of payload into the near-Earth orbit, or placing 14 tonnes of pay-load into the GEO orbit.
In 2004, former president George W Bush approved an ambitious Nasa plan to build a new generation of powerful rockets to deliver people and materials into near-Earth orbit more cheaply, but also to put a permanent manned base on the Moon by 2020.
It is hard to know on this morning what the next phase of America's space program will look like, and even whether manned missions of near-Earth orbit will continue to enjoy the spotlight in the nation's space program.
With the space station assembly complete, the United States wants to use the $4 bln or so it has been spending each year to maintain and operate NASA's three space shuttles to develop new spacecraft that can travel beyond the station's near-Earth orbit, where the shuttles cannot go.
He made significant contribution as project director to develop India's first indigenous Satellite Launch Vehicle (SLV-III) which successfully injected the Rohini satellite into near-earth orbit in July 1980 and made India an exclusive member of the space club.
Cathy found herself launched into near-Earth orbit.
National and international space programs could ferry personnel and supplies continuously to bases on the Moon or to space stations in near-Earth orbit.

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