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Abbrev. for Near-Earth Asteroid Rendezvous. A NASA mission launched in Feb. 1996. It was the first mission in NASA's Discovery program, the series of projects dedicated to exploring the Solar System. In June 1997 NEAR encountered the asteroid (253) Mathilde before heading for its chief target, (433) Eros. The probe went into orbit around Eros in Feb. 2000, beginning a year-long intensive investigation of the tiny world, the first such examination ever undertaken. In March 2000, NASA decided to rename the probe NEAR-Shoemaker, to commemorate the comet expert Eugene Shoemaker, who had died in 1997. In a series of maneuvers, project scientists brought NEAR-Shoemaker ever closer to Eros and eventually made a surprise last-minute decision to land it. Thus NEAR-Shoemaker became the first human-built object to land on an asteroid. The landing took place Feb. 12 2001. The probe continued to function after landing and transmitted data back to the Earth, including stunning close-up images of the asteroid's surface, for another 16 days.

What does it mean when you dream about something very close?

If something is very close in a dream, this can indicate that the matter being dealt with in the dream is close to consciousness. The dream also might be drawing on a familiar idiom, such as “nearest and dearest” or a “near miss.”

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Nearest and Dearest: Nearest and Dearest ran from 1968-1973.
You can't beat sitting round a table with your nearest and dearest, nicking chips off plates and helping yourself to stew and veg.
And to ensure he makes the most of this therapy he will need to know his nearest and dearest are close by.
The couple wed last year on holiday in Jamaica, but are now preparing to do it all over again in front of their nearest and dearest.
uk MERSEYSHOP Find the perfect gift for your nearest and dearest w w w.
One price it is possible to quibble with is the 66-1 Ladbrokes offer about the wonderfully consistent Westmead Guru, but even his nearest and dearest would probably concede that he is just a couple of lengths short of the class required for outright victory, so playing him in tonight's third quarter-final is more appealing.
They kept their engagement secret as they wanted to celebrate with their nearest and dearest before it became public knowledge," the Sun quoted a source as saying.
The pair teamed up to stunning effect in the Magpies' 5-1 drubbing of their nearest and dearest rivals in October last year, with Ameobi scoring twice as skipper Kevin Nolan plundered a hat-trick.
Most people use this special day to show their nearest and dearest how much they care, but many people do not know the origins of Mothering Sunday.
Summary: The Invention of Lying, is released today and a group of Ricky's nearest and dearest turned up for an exclusive screening.
It's not hypnosis, it's not trickery, he says, and claims to have the gift of communicating with those nearest and dearest who have died, delivering their messages of love and reuniting them with their relatives.