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What does it mean when you dream about a necktie?

A loose-fitting necktie around one’s neck can be a symbol of “tying up” loose ends in one’s business world. If however, the necktie is drawn too tightly, then a condition of entrapment may be causing the dreamer some anxiety. (See also Knot, Noose.)

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Then the younger one, her arms over both their shoulders, to the man: 'Gee, I like your neck-tie.
Much as the burka is a major problem in these days of recession, wars and worldwide natural disasters it is my belief, however, that the biggest threat to us is the neck-tie.
Karen Millen hot pink satin cocktail dress, pounds 160; Karen Millen gold strappy shoes, pounds 120; Urban Outfitters renewal gold metallic clutch bag, pounds 32; Malene Birger black high neck shift dress, pounds 245; Karen Millen black and silver bow front high heels, pounds 120; Karen Millen clutch, pounds 99; Wallis Limited Edition black cut-out long jersey dress, pounds 55; Dolce & Gabbana green and black chiffon layered dress, pounds 2,110; Dorothy Perkins black and gold velvet shoes, pounds 35; Urban Outfitters renewal leather patch clutch bag, pounds 32; Wallis Limited Edition mink satin neck-tie blouse, pounds 35; On front cover: Electric blue dress, pounds 160; black and silver bow heels, pounds 120; clutch bag, pounds 99, all by Karen Millen
hessian cloth / corrugated rolls / iron clips / nylon strips ), novelties items ( neck-tie,
Tre, who wore a blazer and a neck-tie fastened with the sort of woggle usually favoured by Scouts, is said to be "head-overheels" for the singer.
Created by Theo Kelly in 1938 to be included on a club neck-tie, he explained: "I was puzzling over it for four months, then I thought of a reproduction of the 'Beacon' which stands in the heart of Everton" - a Beacon which has stood on Everton Brow since 1787.
Boots pounds 30 from Primark, leggings pounds 5 also Primark, jacket pounds 85 from a shop in Barcelona, neck-tie pounds 5 from TieRack, bag pounds 25 Estee Lauder and gloves I can't remember.