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(Mineral Wealth), the scientific and technical publishing house of the State Committee on Publishing, Printing, and the Book Trade of the Council of Ministers of the USSR. It was founded in Moscow in August 1963 on the basis of four state publishing houses: Gostoptekhizdat (Fuel Engineering Publishing House), Gosgortekhizdat (Mining Engineering Publishing House), Gosgeoltekhizdat (Geological Engineering Publishing House), and Geodezizdat (Geodesy Publishing House).

The Nedra Publishing House produces production-engineering, scientific, educational, reference, popular-science, and translated literature on the petroleum, gas, coal, mining, and peat industries and geology, geophysics, geodesy, geochemistry, sectorial economics, labor protection, and safety engineering. In 1973 the publishing house produced 600 titles, with a total printing of 4.6 million copies and a total volume of 61 million printer’s sheets. The publishing house produces 15 scientific and technical journals, among which are Sovetskaia geologiia (Soviet Geology), Gornyi zhurnal (Mining Journal), Neftianoe khoziaistvo (Petroleum Economy), Ugol’ (Coal), and Torfianaia promyshlennost’ (Peat Industry).


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