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, in Greek mythology, king of Boeotia. He married Nephele, who bore him Phrixus and Helle, but he later fell in love with Ino, who bore him Learchus and Melicertes.
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We can imagine Euripides in Helen engaging not only with contemporary philosophical concerns about knowledge and vision, but also with the work of his comic antagonist, to show from a different perspective that those seemingly harmless and silly 'clouds' must be taken seriously, because all too often a simple nephele can instigate or stir up a war and change the destiny of many.
121-23, when bringing out their ancestry, born of Ixion, Pirithous's father, and Nephele, the cloud-woman.
The Hyades star occulted by Nephele is a spectroscopic binary, so the disappearance and reappearance will likely occur in steps.
Athamas, a son of Aeolus and ruler of Boeotia, married the phantom Nephele (see Ixion ), who bore him a son, Phrixus, and a daughter, Helle.
Most sources of Greek mythology identify Centaurus as the monstrous progeny of Ixion, the murderous king of Thessaly, and of Nephele, a cloud.
In Maria Nephele (1978) the poet engages in a long dialogue with a young disaffected woman in hectic modern Athens; young Greeks were amazed at the old poet's understanding of their "postmodern" plight.
Ino, his second wife, hated the children of Nephele and persuaded Athamas to sacrifice Phrixus in order to alleviate a famine.
The young female tourist from Stendal/Saxony is simultaneously Helle, the daughter of Nephele, goddess of fog.