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A tumor of the kidney.



a genus of lichens of the family Nephromaceae. The thallus is foliaceous. The Nephroma differ from the majority of lichens in the formation of fruiting bodies, or apothecia, on the lower surface of the thallus. There are 45 species, distributed throughout the terrestrial globe, particularly in tundras, in coniferous forests, and high in the mountains. They grow in soil among mosses, on moss-covered rocks, and on the trunks and branches of trees. The Nephroma contain lichen acids. The lichens are eaten by reindeer.

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In a 10x view there were observed round clear cells with clear cytoplasm, compatible with CCR but initial diagnosis of cystic nephroma was made by first pathological evaluation.
Cystic nephroma (CN) is an uncommon, benign cystic neoplasm of the kidney, composed of epithelial and stromal elements; CN typically develops in adults older than 30 years with a strong female sex predilection.
Familial cystic nephroma and pleuropulmonary blastoma.
Congenital collision tumors, neonatal renal mesoblastic nephroma and pararenal paraganglioma.
During the study period of 2005 to 2008 there were virtually no other pediatric age group renal tumours like clear cell sarcoma, mesoblastic nephroma, multicystic nephroma etc.
2003) looked at the diversity of Nostoc in Nephroma species and found that those also having green algal photobionts were less specific in the acquisition of Nostoc cyanobiont but those with Nostoc as the only photobiont acquired a narrower range of strains.
1] Usnea bayleyi Heptacetidos del tipo 55 Alectosarmentina A lectoria sarmentosa Heptacetidos del tipo 56 Canariona Usnea canariensis 57 Rubrofusarina B Heptacetidos del tipo 58 Hemoventosina Ophioparma ventosa Octacetidos del tipo Depsidos 59 Acido Bunodophoron patagonicum isopatagonico Depsonas 60 Acido Pertusaria truncala megapicroliquenico Octacetidos del tipo 61 Endocrocina Nephromopsis endocracea Octacetidos del tipo 62 Nemetzona Haematomma nemetzii Octacetidos del tipo 63 5-Cloroemodina Nephroma laevigalum 64 Flegmacina Nonacetidos del tipo Difenilmetanos 65 Bis-(2,4-dihidroxi- Protousnea sp.
1) indicated that the anemone alga is a member of the Trebouxiophyceae, and is in a lineage that contains other symbionts such as the isolate of Coccomyxa glaronensis obtained from the lichen Nephroma (Peltigerales) (Lohtander et al.
Other tumors with ETV6-NTRK3 rearrangements include infantile fibrosarcoma and congenital mesoblastic nephroma.
Multicystic nephroma is a rare benign cystic lesion of kidney & it is grouped under mixed epithelial & stromal tumor in WHO classification of renal tumors.
Less commonly encountered masses include renal lymphoma (primary or secondary), fat-poor angiomyolipoma, multilocular cystic nephroma, oncocytoma, and metastatic disease.