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6 of the Mineralogical Record (November-December 1999) describe, respectively, the Dodo and Puiva quartz deposits near Mount Neroika, both of which have won fame among mineral collectors since the Soviet Union's collapse in 1991 and the subsequent widespread marketing of Russian specimens in the West.
The Subpolar Urals are a high section of the mountains dominated by Mount Narodnaya (1894 meters) and Mount Neroika (1646 meters), and connecting with the Polar Urals to the north and the Northern Urals to the south.
The Dodo mine site is about 3 km northwest of the village of Neroika and 6 km northeast of Mount Neroika; the town of Saranpaul lies about 100 km to the east-southeast, and is sometimes loosely cited as the locality name (or as "near Saranpaul").
The Puiva deposit is located in the southern part of the Neroika quartz-vein field.
To the west and southwest the area is bounded by tectonic faults of the Neroika tectonic zone.