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(Or "rstat") A Unix command to give statistics about the network including socket status, interfaces that have been auto-configured, memory statistics, routing tables.

Unix manual pages: rstat(3), netstat(8).


(NETwork STATistics) A command line utility that reports the status of TCP/IP and Ethernet connections. Netstat comes with all major operating systems, but the Linux/Unix versions provide the most command options. GUI-based versions for Windows, such as NetStat Live and X-Netstat, are also available. See IPCONFIG and NSLOOKUP.

Windows Netstat Commands
Following are some of the commands used in the Windows version of netstat.

Command           Purpose

 netstat ?         Help with commands

 netstat -a        Active ports

 netstat -e        Ethernet statistics

 netstat -r        Routing table

 netstat -s        Stats for all protocols

 netstat -sp udp   Stats for UDP protocol
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Exercises include tracert (chapter 1,) ipconfig (chapter 3, 4, and 8,) ping (chapter 4,) netstat (chapter 5,) and nslookup (chapter 7.
The details of the network connections currently active can also be obtained by the netstat command.
regular commands available in UNIX operating systems--like ping, traceroute, netstat, cron, grep and other commands
It gathered some of this information by making direct ioctl calls, and by running the netstat program with various arguments.
These tools interoperate with other open source network tools and protocols supported by GroundWork Monitor Professional -- such as ARP, Netstat, Route, Telnet and SSH -- and together provide a comprehensive network management system.
The load was intolerably high, and he only managed to get one line out of a netstat command before giving up, but that proved quite interesting.