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A branch of linguistics concerned with the biological basis of language development.



a branch of neuropsychology concerned with the study and restoration of impaired language skills, that is, it studies the psycholinguistic aspects of aphasia. The term “neurolinguistics,” adopted in the USSR by A. R. Luriia’s school, is rarely used in foreign psycholinguistics.


Luriia, A. R. “Problemy i fakty neirolingvistiki.” In Teoriia rechevoi deiatel’nosti. Moscow, 1968.
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During professional development sessions, teachers and tutors view a presentation on neurolinguistic brain research, observe trained tutors during classroom demonstrations, review instructional materials, learn how to integrate a TPLO-developed audio system into their tutoring instruction, and analyze TPLO-created pre- and post-tests.
Techniques: You were originally a physical therapist with a major in psychology, but you are also described as a master practitioner of neurolinguistics.
This section also summarizes what investigators should look for in nonverbal behavior and discusses the study, and practical value to interviewers, of neurolinguistics.
He takes us on a tour of the senses, memory, perception, neurolinguistics -- the relationship between brain and language -- with theories ranging from Aristotle to Leonardo Da Vinci, from Syrian pictographic tablets to photographs of brains.
In his most recent book, Powers brings similar themes and similar challenges to an examination of current developments in neuroscience, neurolinguistics, and artificial intelligence.
Language and brain: Towards the basic problems of neurolinguistics.
Locke, head of the neurolinguistics laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.
Her main research topics are the ontogeny of behaviour, fetal movements, motor development in preterm, term and young infants, age-specific neurological assessments, neurolinguistics, and development of laterality.
Both companies will demo the new possibilities for fields such as neurolinguistics, decision making and cognitive sciences at this week's SfN 2015 conference, the premier venue for Neuroscientists around the world (Chicago/USA, October 18-21, 2015, SMI booth 605, PST booth 663).
Literature specialists started to teach "rather profane vocational skills" like creative writing and translation studies and disciplinary hybrids such as neurolinguistics were created to have research results "directly and successfully implemented into logopedic treatment" (Munch 236).
This noteworthy quotation points to the fact that the current controversy is largely an empirical one that will be decided on the grounds of evidence coming from psycho- and neurolinguistics.
The division of labor in the field of linguistics has resulted in special names like sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, geolinguistics, and others--until one begins to wonder about the boundaries of linguistics itself.