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Nervous tissue consisting of a fibrous network of nonmyelinated nerve fibers; gray matter with few nerve cell bodies; usually a region of synapses between axons and dendrites.



(1) An obsolete term designating a fibrous nerve tissue structure that is found predominantly in invertebrates. The supposedly interconnected nerve fibers form a continuous cytoplasmic network that resembles a syncytium. This use of the term “neuropil” does not accurately reflect the microstructure of the nervous system. (See.)

(2) The fibrous nerve tissue structure in which synaptic contacts between neuronal outgrowths are concentrated.

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Neuropathological features of TME include spongiform degeneration in the neuropil of the brain, astrocytosis and the formation of PrP deposits of the TME agent.
Survey of cerebellum white matter in the treatment group compared with normal cerebellum white matter tissue in control group demonstrated defects in the neuropil tissue which was accompanied by decreased staining and increased interstitial space and decreased neuroglia cell condensation.
Learning a new skill such as playing a musical instrument, learning to type, or reading Braille requires extensive practice, and this practice is likely instrumental in changing the neuropil in relevant brain regions (Kolb & Whishaw 1998).
NGF receptor immunoreactivity which was developed in the 3 layers of the cerebellar cortex in adult rats was decreased in the neuropil of the molecular layer and in the cytoplasm of Purkinje neurons of rats of 24 months.
Studies by SEM showed not only the roughness of the microrelief ependyma, but and substantial hollowness in the neuropil of various sizes (Figure 3).
In about 1% of investigated cell preparations, we found NPs in what looked like a loose neuropil also containing synapses (Figure 5B).
For instance, in [84] network percolation techniques are used to analyze phase transitions of dynamic neural systems such as those embedded within segments of cortical neuropil.
PC] that possesses somewhat smaller variably stained neurons in a looser neuropil broken up by bundles of fibers (Dewulf, 1971; Hirai and Jones, 1989).
En el estudio histopatologico se encontro perdida severa de la poblacion neuronal en todas las capas, ausencia de inflamacion, vacuolas de pequeno y gran tamano, tanto en el neuropil, como en el soma neuronal y en la glia (figura 3).
However, the confirmed diagnosis of scrapie can only be made after performing immunohistochemistry and histopathology of CNS and lymphoid tissue of infected animals, which identifies in these tissues the PrPSc accumulation and spongiform lesions generated by a wide-spread vacuolisation of the neuropil (Prusiner, 1998; Vaccari et al.