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Scotland Yard,

headquarters of the London Metropolitan Police. The term is often used, popularly, to refer to one branch, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). Named after a short street in London, the site of a palace used in the 12th cent. as a residence of visiting Scottish kings, it became London's police center in 1829. New and separate headquarters for the Metropolitan Police were built in 1890 along the Thames embankment and were referred to as New Scotland Yard. In 1967, New Scotland Yard moved to new headquarters, also in the Westminster area.


See H. R. Scott, Scotland Yard (1954); D. G. Browne, The Rise of Scotland Yard: A History (1956, repr. 1973); R. Howe, The Story of Scotland Yard (1965).

Scotland Yard

Criminal Investigation Department of Metropolitan Police. [Br. Hist.: Brewer Dictionary, 97]

Scotland Yard

the headquarters of the police force of metropolitan London, controlled directly by the British Home Office and hence having certain national responsibilities
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Our experience working with New Scotland Yard to develop 3D modelling technology that can map a myriad of facial builds and expressions has undoubtedly given us a significant lead in this area.
The New Scotland Yard redevelopment will be rebranded as aACAyTen Broadway' is to be completed by the end of 2020.
With a guide price of Au250m, New Scotland Yard will be marketed as 'Ten Broadway'.
New Scotland Yard has been in its current location in Victoria Street since 1967 but Mr Mackey said it would take an investment of around PS50m to bring the building up to scratch.
99, suitable for ages 10 and up), offers a fascinating introduction into the world of forensics science and has been developed with real life New Scotland Yard CSEs.
Developed hand-in-hand with real life New Scotland Yard CSEs, the sophisticated kit includes finger printing, chromatography, hair and fibre testing, handwriting analysis and impression reveals.
The man was trapped when the top two storeys of the structure in Dean Farrar Street, a few hundred yards from New Scotland Yard, fell onto the third floor yesterday afternoon.
Last night, New Scotland Yard refused to comment on the London arrests.
Scotland's police forces have spent tens of thousands of pounds on a hi-tech system which intercepts these nuisance calls and transfers them to a computer at New Scotland Yard in London where they are monitored to see if they are genuine.
A Durham Police spokesman said the raids were conducted after officers had worked with anti-terrorism officers from New Scotland Yard gathering information.
A New Scotland Yard spokesman said the number is high because of the length and complexity of some of the cases: "A lot of intelligence gathering is involved and cases can take up to 18 months to come to court.
He claims up to 1,000 people will take part in a mass demonstration outside New Scotland Yard, London on July 15.