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New Sweden,

Swedish colony (1638–55), on the Delaware River; included parts of what are now Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. With the support of Swedish statesman Axel Oxenstierna, Admiral Klas Fleming (a Finn), and Peter MinuitMinuit, Peter
, c.1580–1638, first director-general of New Netherland, b. Wesel (then the duchy of Cleves). Sent by the Dutch West India Company to take charge of its holdings in America, Minuit purchased (1626) Manhattan from the Native Americans for trade goods costing
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 (a Dutchman), the New Sweden Company was organized in Sweden in 1633. Two ships (the Kalmar Nyckel and the Fogel Grip), commanded by Minuit, reached the Delaware River in Mar., 1638. Minuit immediately bought land from the Native Americans and founded Fort Christina, where Wilmington, Del., stands. In 1643, Tinicum Island (at Philadelphia) became the colony's capital. About half of the colonists were Finns. Peter StuyvesantStuyvesant, Peter
, c.1610–1672, Dutch director-general of New Netherland. He served as governor of Curaçao and lost a leg in an expedition against St. Martin before succeeding Willem Kieft in New Netherland.
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, with a Dutch force larger than the population of New Sweden, took the little colony in 1655.
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Southwest of New Netherlands, along the Delaware, New Sweden had barely gotten going when it was conquered by the Dutch, and it might hardly be worth mention but for its one, somewhat surprising, impact on the future of America: the Finns.
Much more satisfying is Bailyn's recreation of New Sweden along the Delaware River, with its Mennonite settlers, and the visionary Pieter Plockhoy's passionate plans for human equality.
New Sweden striker Rade Prica, 27, has already demonstrated the no-nonsense 'low maintenance' attitude Keane wants.
Colonialism in the margins; cultural encounters in new Sweden and Lapland.
Despite the very brief mentions of Native women in accounts of New Sweden in the Delaware valley of the United States and of Sapmi, or Lappland, in northern Scandinavia, Fur finds compelling evidence for the centrality of these women's stories to our understanding of colonial encounters.
The section on the relationship between Swedish and German churchmen during Muhlenberg's time was especially interesting since it was written by a non-Lutheran, nontheologian Quaker lawyer whose Swedish family dated back to the New Sweden colony.
Under the Dutch navigator Peter Minuit (see 1627), a party of Swedes set up the colony of New Sweden, in what is now the state of Delaware.
Nevertheless, all institutions house private archives that might contain valuable information (at least Uppsala County archives stores primary sources for New Sweden research).
No colony was established until 1638, after organization of the New Sweden Company (1637).
He led an expedition for the Swedish South Company to what is now Wilmington, Delaware, built Fort Christina there, and named the territory New Sweden.
The other participating bands were Colorsound, New Sweden, Coyote Theory, Alex Feather Akimov, and Ian Axel.
Wallander gets assistance from a new cop, a woman, who represents a new era in police work, and a new Sweden, where "crime became more frequent and more serious.

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