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Amy follows in the footsteps of the National Partys hugely successful finance ministers, Bill English and Steven Joyce, and I have no doubt shell do a great job on behalf of all New Zealanders.
The study also revealed New Zealanders are slightly less productive than global averages.
However, there are plenty of New Zealanders who want to keep their current flag.
Musgrave recommends that New Zealanders should have regular sleeping habits and sleep, at the very least, seven hours every night.
The Making of New Zealanders, then, is a book whose anti-intellectualism refuses the very scholarly institutional and discursive frameworks that have given rise to its existence.
A New Zealander cannot go into either and simply buy a house on the free market.
For New Zealanders here it's a way to connect back [to home], it's a big cultural event in New Zealand," said Millar.
Jesse Ryder, Nathan McCullum and Kyle Mills have set their reserve at the same as Anderson, while the rest of the New Zealanders up for auction are at a base price of R3 million to R 5 million (about 60,000-100,000 dollars).
And check this out: According to the New Zealand Ministry of Health, by 2014, all New Zealanders will have electronic access to their own health information; and all health professionals caring for a person, no matter where they are in the country, will have secure electronic access to that person's full health information.
For example, it looks as though the agreement could limit Pharmac's ability to purchase medicines at a reasonable price for all New Zealanders --solely to protect the interests of overseas global corporations," says PHA National Executive Officer Dr Gay Keating.
HUNDREDS of New Zealanders living in Bahrain are expected to vote in one of the most important elections in the country's history later this year.
Up to 600 New Zealanders living in the kingdom could be entitled to vote, but must register to be included on the electoral roll.