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When approaching the Nganasan language from the perspective of the other Northern Samoyedic languages Tundra Nenets, Forest Nenets, Tundra Enets and Forest Enets, a number of Nganasan peculiarities are easily observable.
The article is concerned with the description of Renarrative phenomenon that has morphological expression in the Nganasan language.
She writes about (Tundra) Nenets, Enets and Nganasan languages as follows: "In the case of a non-highlighted position of a direct object the predicate form contains reference only to the subject of the activity [ ] In the highlighted position of a direct object the predicate, on the contrary, contains reference not only to the subject but also to the direct object [ ] [ ] the highlighted position of the direct object marked by the nominative case is expressed in a peculiar relationship with its predicate" ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.